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Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering

Soil mechanics is one in every of the engineering disciplines that touch upon soils as an associate engineering material.

Since ancient ages, engineers are handling soils as an associate engineering material for numerous construction comes.
soil profile
                                                                    soil profile

History of Soil Mechanics

Construction of the Egyptian pyramids, Mesopotamian ziggurats, Roman aqueducts, and China’s Great Wall are a few of such magnificent historical achievements.
However, that ancient comes were largely accomplished by accumulated experiences of ancient engineers.

During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, some modern engineering theories were employed in this field, following the development of Newtonian mechanics.

Coulomb’s and Rankine’s lateral earth pressure theories (Chapter 12) ar some samples of such theories.
The modern era of soil mechanics had to attend until 1925 when Dr. Karl von Terzaghi published a book called Erdbaumechanik (1925).

Especially, his then-new concept of “effective stress,” which deals with interaction with pore water, has revolutionized the mechanics of soils.
                                                        Stress on soil profile

The development of contemporary soil mechanics is because of his nice contribution.
He is currently considered the daddy of contemporary soil mechanics.

Related terminologies of soil mechanics ar foundation engineering, geotechnical engineering, and geoenvironmental engineering.

Foundation engineering is the field of coming up with safe foundations, including building footings and retaining structures, and the construction of earth structures such as embankments, earth and rockfill dams, safe earth slopes, etc., based on the knowledge of soil mechanics.

Thus, the discipline has been known as soil mechanics and foundation engineering for several years.

The new term, geotechnical engineering, was coined around 1970 to merge rock mechanics into soil mechanics and foundation engineering, and it's the foremost popularly used word during this
the field at present.
texture classification of soil
                                                                 Texture classification of soil
 In the 1980s, environmentally related geotechnical engineering became a great engineering concern, and the term geoenvironmental engineering was created. 

This includes the design and construction of solid- and liquid-waste containment facilities and any other environmentally related geotechnical engineering problems.

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